Audrey Bauer, Lead Designer

Studio Maven is headed by Audrey Bauer. Audrey is an accomplished project manager and designer who has worked on diverse projects, from retail interiors to office spaces and home renovations. She worked previously at the firms of Gensler; Valerio deWalt Train; and, Chambers + Chambers. Originally from Chicago, she received her Master of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology and her BA in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Shannon brings to Studio Maven her experience in customer-focused accounts and project management. Prior to joining the studio, she worked for ten years in various industries with a focus on client relations, project management, small business operations, and management. Her design style includes finding beauty in simplicity and function, and using color inspiration found in our natural and urban environments.  After receiving her BA in Communication and Media Arts from the University of Arizona, she continued taking courses in design and art. 


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